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We continue to take care of you. You are our priority.

At CASA TAMAYO we like to take care of you and we always think of the best for you. We want you to feel at home and for that now more than ever, your health is the most important.

We apply all the measures and recommendations of the health authorities, adding our own measures to protect guests and employees. In addition, all our employees receive constant training to guarantee the correct application of the measures established in the protocols.

We will give you the safest welcome.

  • We will request that each guest wear face masks and apply antibacterial gel on their hands.

  • We will have a face mask for guests who require it.

  • At the entrance you will have at your disposal a mat to disinfect your shoes.

  • We will take the temperature of each guest. (Infrared thermometer).

  • We will disinfect your luggage upon arrival.

Rooms with maximum hygiene and safety in every detail.

  • We have reduced the rotation of the rooms so that at least three days elapse between the stay of one guest and another.

  • All room keys will be disinfected before being used.

  • We use specific disinfectants to clean the rooms.

  • We maximize the ventilation of the rooms.

  • We minimize the decorative objects in the rooms.

  • The cleaning of the rooms will be carried out once a week.

Facilities ready for you to enjoy with ease.

  • Essential use of a mouthpiece is required of all guests.

  • You will have antibacterial gel at your disposal in the common areas.

  • You will be asked to maintain distance between guests.

  • We use specific disinfectants for cleaning all facilities.

We appreciate your trust.

We're here to serve you.

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