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  1. To make a reservation, the full payment of the stay is required in advance.

  2. It is possible to adjust the payments due to increased or decreased in the days of the stay.

  3. All our prices are in National Currency (Mexican pesos).

  4. Our prices are indicative and may change at any time.

  5. In case of delay in the payments of more than 1 day, a charge of 10% (per stay) will be made for interest. (After 2 days, debtors lose occupation and their luggage will be retained as guarantee of the debt, it can be auctioned off after 30 days). In case of monthly rent, a month's deposit will be requested, plus the current month (not always applicable).

  6. Lodging rates are per night in single and/or double occupancy (without food).

  7. In case of requiring an invoice, it is plus 16% VAT and plus 3.5% Lodging Tax (ISH). (An invoice can only be issued within the month the reservation payment was made).

  8. Tips are subject to the discretion of each guest.

  9. The rates are subject to availability until the time of booking.

  10. The booked date(s) will be blocked until the moment of liquidating the total reservation.

  11. It is understood that the rent of the rooms per week is equal to 7 nights and per month, it is equal to 28, 30 or 31 nights depending on the month. (Example: check-in on February 17, check-out on March 17).


  1. Under no circumstances will change(s) of room(s), date(s) and/or refund(s) of payment be accepted once the reservation has been made.

  2. In case of No Show, the room will remain reserved until 8:00 hrs. the morning after the scheduled arrival date; If you do not arrive and/or not notify, the reservation will automatically be lost without any type of change(s) of date(s) and/or refund(s) of payment.

  3. In case of Early Departure, the total reservation will be charged without any type of change(s) of date(s) and/or refund(s) of payment.

  4. In case of Shortening of Stay, the total reservation will be charged without any type of change(s) of date(s) and/or refund(s) of payment.

  5. Only the reservation processed and confirmed by our system will be honored. CASA TAMAYO can reject any written or printed confirmation that has been altered.


  1. When receiving an extra person than what was booked, the rates and conditions must be consulted at the reception.

  2. The extra person will be available only in rooms with a King size bed.

  3. Maximum 3 people per room staying in the same King size bed and at the discretion of each guest when booking.

  4. The charge for each extra person is of $350 MXN plus taxes (per night).

  5. Any person who spends the night in CASA TAMAYO must be registered upon entering with prior notice and acceptance by the reception.

  6. Any other person staying in the room and who has not been registered with prior notice and acceptance by the reception will be asked to vacate immediately, as well as the guest who is currently renting the room.

  7. Minors count as an extra person.


  1. If the guest were to cause any damage and/or problem to any person within CASA TAMAYO, they will be asked to repair the damage. CASA TAMAYO will not be responsible.

  2. CASA TAMAYO will not be responsible for any guest, whether due to illness or accident that occurs within the facilities.

  3. It is forbidden for guests to lend their keys to other people to access CASA TAMAYO and/or the rooms. The charge for each lost key will be of $500 MXN plus taxes.


  1. Every person who visits CASA TAMAYO must be registered upon entering with prior notice and acceptance by the reception. CASA TAMAYO reserves the right of admission of any visit.

  2. Visiting hours will be from 10:00 hrs. to 22:00 hrs., and for no reason will this time be exceeded. The visits can only be within the common areas, being prohibited from entering the rooms.

  3. Each guest will be responsible for their visits, as well as for opening and looking after them. If any damage is caused, the guest will have to cover the total damage and/or assume responsibility.

  4. Only 2 visits per guest will be allowed. It is prohibited massive visits and having any type of medical or business consultation inside CASA TAMAYO.

  5. "CASA TAMAYO will not be responsible for any visit due to illness or accident that occurs within the facilities.


  1. CASA TAMAYO reserves the right of admission to minors.

  2. All minors count as an extra person or double occupancy, depending on the case.

  3. Minors must be always accompanied by their parent(s) or guardian(s), assuming full responsibility for them.


  1. We are not responsible for any cash, jewelry, wallets, watches, cameras, cell phones, computer equipment, documents, forgotten, personal items and/or valuable objects in the facilities and/or rooms of CASA TAMAYO.

  2. Pets or animals of any kind are not allowed.

  3. In case of any anomaly in the facilities and/or rooms of CASA TAMAYO, please report it to the reception for an adequate repair. If the guest were to fix it on his own and cause any damage, he will have to cover it full.

  4. It is forbidden to ingest alcohol, drugs, or any toxic substance within the facilities and/or rooms of CASA TAMAYO.

  5. It is not allowed to make noise from 22:00 hrs. at 8:00 hrs. in the facilities and/or rooms. Electrical devices, such as cell phones, computers, televisions, radios, stereos, etc., are requested to be kept at an adequate volume, as well as not to use blenders and/or mixers, during these hours so other guests are not disturbed. The use of any musical instrument (soundly) is not allowed.

  6. No smoking inside the rooms and/or closed areas. It is only allowed in open spaces (patio and garden). It is required to throw the ashes and cigarette butts into the trash can. If a person is found smoking inside the facilities and/or rooms, a charge of $1,500 MXN plus taxes will be generated for disinfection and cleaning.

  7. It is forbidden to dry any clothes and/or towels on the patio, garden, banisters, furniture, or windows of the facilities and/or rooms.

  8. For the safety of all guests, it is forbidden to have weapons, explosive materials, corrosives, flammable products, acids, radioactive or smelly materials inside the facilities and/or rooms of CASA TAMAYO.

  9. It is forbidden to destroy, mistreat, move, or disassemble furniture, beds, bureaus, tables, sofas, walls, bathrooms, closets, desks, paintings, ornaments, sculptures, appliances, pipes, electrical installations, carpets, curtains or any other type of installation or accessory in CASA TAMAYO. It is also forbidden to place anything on the walls, such as: paintings, portraits, nails, glues, mirrors, Diurex, posters, etc. Damages and malfunctions caused by misuse or negligence by guests and/or visitors will be charged to them.

  10. It is not allowed to install or store electric stoves, refrigerators, microwaves, washers, dryers or any appliance that consumes a large amount of energy on the premises.

  11. It is required that your electrical appliances are in perfect condition and use the proper voltage to avoid shorts. The electrical current in the rooms is 120 V, we ask kindly not to use appliances that require a different voltage. CASA TAMAYO will not be responsible for devices damaged by electric shocks and/or voltage changes.

  12. We ask our guests not to leave the lights on during the night and to turn off/disconnect the lights or electronic devices that are not being used.

  13. If any object or installation belonging to CASA TAMAYO facilities is destroyed, damaged, lost or broken, this will be charged to the guests staying at the time, if the person responsible does not do so.

  14. All guests must respect the adverts and security measures displayed on the common areas of CASA TAMAYO. It is forbidden to open or enter the areas closed with signs of “Do not enter” and that are for the exclusive use of the working staff.

  15. The guests will be responsible for making sure that the main door is closed when leaving and entering CASA TAMAYO, as well as not allowing anyone from outside CASA TAMAYO to enter under any circumstances.

  16. Each guest is responsible of leaving the common areas clean and tidy.


  1. In case you require the room before Check-in and/or after Check-out, we suggest you reserve the night before and/or after, to guarantee the use of it. 

  2. Check-in time is from 15:00 hrs.

  3. Check-out time is at 12:00 hrs. After this time there will be charges corresponding to another night of lodging.

  4. The room must be delivered at the end of the contract in the same conditions in which it was delivered. Any anomaly will generate an extra charge.

  5. CASA TAMAYO staff may enter the rooms at any time, in case of force majeure, such as: conflagration, red-handed crime, emergency, etc.

  6. The rooms may only be used as residential house. It is forbidden to organize parties, events or meetings that have the purpose of disturbing the public order or disobeying the laws/regulations in force.

  7. It is forbidden to store food in the rooms.

  8. When leaving the room, the guest must close the door and windows correctly. If the floor, carpets, windows, curtains, furniture, or walls are damaged due to rain or any other mistreatment due to not having closed them, the guest will have to cover the total damage.


  1. We do not offer food and beverage service.

  2. Each guest is responsible for washing and putting away used dishes, as well as leaving them clean and tidy. We ask to keep the kitchen in good condition.

  3. The designated space to store each guest's pantry, as well as the refrigerator space, are requested to be kept clean and tidy.

  4. The staff of CASA TAMAYO may discard any product that is in poor condition in order to maintain the health and hygiene of all guests.

  5. We ask to respect the products and/or things of other guests.

  6. All guests have the right to use the kitchen, so we ask you to use it wisely (refrigerator and cupboards). CASA TAMAYO reserves the right to use the kitchen, refrigerator and cupboards.


  1. All modalities include: clean bed clothing and towels once a week. If you wish to incur in another modality (more towels, bed clothing change and/or extra cleaning day), a charge of $400 MXN plus taxes per event will be applied. 

  2. The room cleaning hours are between 10:00 hrs. at 15:00 hrs. Your attention and collaboration are requested in this regard, since if it is not carried out within these hours, it will be done until the next day. The cleaning of the rooms and change of sheets will be done when the guest is out of his room, or with his consent. Nonetheless, the reception reserves the right to have the cleaning carried out.

  3. The days of room cleaning, change of bed clothing and clean towels, will be on Tuesday and/or Friday of each week. One of these days will be used for the general cleaning of the room and another day will be used for the change of bed clothing and clean towels, thus offering 2 days of cleaning service. The above applies for weekly or monthly stays and daily cleaning in occupancy per night. The reception reserves the right for cleaning to take place.

  4. We do not offer parking service.

  5. We offer courtesy telephone service for guests, as long as it is for exclusive use of landline or mobile phone in Mexico, USA and Canada. Otherwise, it will generate an extra charge. (Subject to availability).

  6. Complimentary Wi-Fi internet service for guests is offered, only for consultation, email sending and/or social media. (In the case of another type of application, it will be subject to availability).

  7. We offer laundry service with an extra charge plus taxes per load of laundry (washing and drying). Please request it at the reception if required. (Subject to availability). We are not responsible for any damage or deterioration that the clothes might suffer. Under no circumstances are guests allowed to use the laundry room equipment.

  8. Guests must treat the staff who works at CASA TAMAYO with respect for a proper functioning. Any disagreement, please notify the reception.

  9. CASA TAMAYO is not responsible for any services provided by third parties other than lodging such as: tours, tourist guide, medical services, babysitting service, taxi service, food services, laundry service, dry cleaning, item stores, parcels, mobile application services, among others. These must be paid and/or received directly by the guest and without any responsibility from CASA TAMAYO.

  10. The services included in the accommodation at CASA TAMAYO are electricity, water, gas, WiFi internet and cleaning.

Any questions or clarifications please ask at the reception. If you have any suggestions, we would appreciate if you would let us know, so that we can provide a service as you deserve.

CASA TAMAYO has the power to terminate the service contract if the guest and/or visitor violates one or more points of this document.

If this document has not been signed and the reservation has been made or the room and/or facilities of CASA TAMAYO have been used, it means the guest and/or visitor fully accepts the content of this document.

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